POCO officially confirmed the coming of her phone the second in the month of February next

Pocophone F1

Said general manager of POCO in India on yesterday that we should expect the arrival of the first smartphone from the company after I quit talking about Xiaomi company sometime during the first quarter of this year. Today, the company decided to the Chinese Commission to the Twitter to reveal to us that she will in fact disclose its smartphone crown in the month of February next.

Tweet published by the company POCO today say : ” do not trust in the tolerance and non-official, here’s the official oneβ€œ, but the interview in the link is substantially similar to the interview conducted yesterday, including the assertion that POCO will be used for production lines and distribution channels of the company Xiaomi.

Currently, the company is trying to POCO make its brand work completely independently of its parent company, Xiaomi. Will have a sales team of its own team and the marketing team to oversee the products, but the company will focus on the Indian market only currently, so don’t expect to be the launch of the phone POCO next officially in the global markets.

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