Pokemon Joe, stop working on phones iPhone old next month

Equivalent to users phones iPhone Old of several problems of this period, as it started with the delay Apple for their devices intentionally in order to avoid the problems that can be caused by batteries that passes through them long years, and now announced a golf course, the developer of the game “Pokemon Joe” is famous for dropping support for EVO old that can’t be updated to the operating system Apple ios 11, which means that the phones EVO, which was published in or before 2013 any iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C and earlier will not run the game anymore.

Pokemon Joe on phones, iPhone

Succeeded the company “Site” to enter multiple improvements on the game “Pokemon Joe”, famous since its launch, the first time in July 2016, and I tried to change the rules of the game more than once to ensure a better experience for players around the world, in addition to providing advantages such as dynamic weather, and more new that the company wants included in the future require the highest specifications and can phones iPhone old support.


Nor is there any information yet on if a company Niantic will take the same step with users of Android phones such as the EVO or not, it is scheduled to remove the support through the rolling update in February 28.

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