Policies Waymo self-driving led to more than 10 billion miles in the simulation


Successful policies Waymo self-leadership on a plot area of more than 10 million miles on the actual relationships of this achievement is interesting, but this still represents only a fraction of the distance travelled by a car Waymo self-driving simulators. Revealed company Waymo that the car its self-driving mileage of more than 10 billion miles in the simulation.

To shed light on the fact that the company has the basis of a geometric solid with a great opportunity to innovate and accelerate the process of developing self-driving cars on public roads, detect technical director in the company Waymo, Mr. Dmitri Dolgov that the company has made the system driving independent driving for about 10 billion miles in the simulation.

He revealed further that the company Waymo run the equivalent of 25 thousand self-driving car on the clock in the simulation. Whenever he chose someone something new from his experiences, he shared his results with the other cars present in the fleet.

Obviously, the simulation will not be sufficient, the company continues to Waymo need to test its cars self-driving in environments of realism before it is launched on a large scale on public roads. However, the test simulators will help the company surely achieve this goal. Unfortunately, I didn’t reveal to us Mr. Dmittri Dolgov on what you learned the company from a test simulation, but made it clear that the amount of driving that you do in the environments of the actual state represents really mature for your system and capacity “.

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