Political campaigns targeting Facebook users without the consent of the

Breach of company data Canadian AggregateIQ, which has links with the political consulting firm of Cambridge Analytica Cambridge Analytica, the laws of privacy by not obtaining the consent required of users of Facebook by targeted advertising in elections, American and British.

According to the report , the Canadian company did not get the correct consent required to conduct advertising campaigns on Facebook for a campaign to Vote Leave, an organization in favour of the exit of Britain from the EU Brexit.

He said the privacy commissioner the Federal in Canada, Daniel Theron, Daniel Therrien, along with his counterpart in the province of British Columbia: the AggregateIQ measures are not taken to ensure that it has the authority to disclose information to voters in the United Kingdom.

Said Michael the Michael McEvoy, Commissioner of privacy and information in the province of British Columbia: organizations must Canadian working at the level of the world to ensure their understanding and compliance with their legal responsibilities in Canada, even when operating in foreign jurisdictions.

And used the campaign to Vote Leave with AggregateIQ in 2016 in order to put ads on Facebook, targeting potential voters.

And used the company which is located in the province of British Columbia data collected via the internet by a campaign to Vote Leave, which is revealed by purchase of Facebook.

Found officials privacy to campaign and Vote Leave did not explain to respondents that you may be sharing their information with Facebook, and AggregateIQ didn’t do enough to make sure that it has the right to use the information.

The report said: when the use of the police and revealed personal information for supporters Vote Leave Facebook they exceeded the purposes for which I got Vote Leave it on the consent to use that information.

He added, “and to that AggregateIQ failed to ensure their access to the express consent of the individuals who collected their personal information, they violate privacy laws in British Columbia Canada”.

She said AggregateIQ: it’s already implemented all the recommendations of the commissioners, including ensure there is explicit consent, not implied, of users when collecting data, and adopting reasonable security measures, and delete data when no longer necessary or legal to retain.

The report expressed similar concerns about not having AggregateIQ the clear approval of Facebook users in the United States in respect of work carried out for the benefit of the group SCL, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica.

And reviewed network Facebook is under pressure in the last year after it disclosed that personal information of up to 87 million users, most of them in the United States, had been watching her incorrectly with Cambridge Analytica.

Recall that the privacy commissioner federal in Canada had concluded in a separate investigation, issued in the month of April to that Facebook committed serious violations of privacy law the Canadian failed to take responsibility for the protection of personal information of citizens.

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