#Poll: How reliable keyboard “butterfly”?

2015 spring presentation Apple. The announcement of a brand new MacBook a revamped keyboard “butterfly”. The applause in the hall. And because then one could not assume that the keyboard would be so disastrous that even after four generations mechanism and will not be honed to perfection. But why Apple was not able to modify the keyboard? Experts believe that the problem is in the thickness of the keys.

MacBook Pro and the infamous keyboard “butterfly”

By itself, the “butterfly” has structural flaws — at least in an ideal environment. Pressed over the entire area, the key travel is small but reliable.

All deficiencies, as is usually the case, manifested itself in real usage scenarios. It turned out that the keys nothing really protected enough small particles to get inside and “stuck” buttons provided. Apple has done a remarkable job over the mechanism itself, but did nothing to protect him.

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Experts believe that to solve the problem with the mechanism is quite easy — it needs only to slightly increase the thickness of the mechanism and, accordingly, the corps of MacBook — just for a few mm. But it is clear that Apple will not go not so — the company is willing to sacrifice functionality, but not the aesthetics and the appearance of the device.

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The consequence of this principle — tens of thousands of complaints in the Network, the running program is free replacement keyboards, tangible financial impact, of course, tainted reputation. Before 2015 was a standard MacBook laptops. Yes, they had their problems, but they were not so obvious.

Of course, all this time, Apple is not sitting idly by. This year the company will introduce a completely new MacBook Pro with 16-inch display. Finally change the mechanism of the keyboard — the Corporation will return to the familiar and time-tested “scissors”. But why so long Apple?

And have you had any problems with the keyboard “butterfly”? We offer you to vote in the poll.

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