#Poll: Which option of placing the front camera do you prefer?

2018 saw the emergence of smartphones with different design excesses. This necklines, and form-factor slider, and the holes. The reason for all this is the desire of manufacturers to place the camera on the front. As a result, consumers had a wide choice, based only on design features of the model. This has, in 2017, we could not imagine, because all the phones were the same.

In this article, you – our dear readers – choose which of the options for the location of the front camera the most successful. What options are there?


A year ago a lot of people hated the cut, and now they have become commonplace. Difficult to find on the market a smartphone without a notch. Surely even now many are viewing this material on the phone with sweetheart neckline.


This began to popularize recently, and only well-known manufacturers presented their solutions. An example would be View 20 Huawei and Samsung Galaxy A8s (A9 Pro).


Yes, some companies still offer smartphones with standard wide frames. An example would be Google, which recently released the third generation of the line Google Pixel.


This option is unlikely to become popular, in my opinion, because of the fragility of the design, cost, manufacturing process and lack of practicality. As a transitional variant sliders is a good solution.

The lack of front camera

Yes, some do refuse front-facing camera in favor of the primary. For example, Vivo, NEX 2 has 2 displays, the main task of the second – use it for selfies on the main camera.

What options can we expect in the future?

The best solution would be placement of the front camera under the display. Samsung has patented this technology, probably a smartphone with a camera under the display will be shown not earlier than 2020.

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