Poll: young generation prefer Microsoft devices more than iPad


Conducted company YouGov poll to track how popular a brand is not just over long periods of time but during the weeks and Days also, showed the latest survey that the popularity of Microsoft has reached the highest level since two years, this is especially true for consumers aged between 18 and 35.

Gave this age group the tech giant 44 points, while the given age group, the top company of America 39 points, a significant increase from the results of last year that did not exceed 35.

الرسم البيانىThe graph

These numbers show that an increasing number of young people have become more inclined to buy devices and programs that Microsoft, contrary to what many may think, when people think in the younger generation, they think mostly in the iPads life.

The graph shows the sharp increase in the past two months, while others believe that the increase is due to two major incidents in recent times, namely the update version of Windows Spring Creator (Redstone 4), and re-major development in Microsoft.

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