Poloniex exchange will carry out delisting DigiByte. The community believes this is a revenge

Over the past few weeks between the Creator of the blockchain DigiByte DGB Jared Tate and founder of Tron Justin San turned a real war. Tate called Justin a “rogue” several times in a very rigid manner said to his supporters. According to him, Tron-like project does not have anything outstanding.

Shortly thereafter, the cryptocurrency exchange, Poloniex decided to delist the DGB with its platform, that is, to cease to maintain its trading platform. The coin is supposedly “not up to the standards of listing on the stock exchange”. To such conclusion experts Poloniex came after a detailed analysis of the project.

According to sources, the exchange Poloniex is closely linked with the network of Justin's Dignity.

On his decision to employees stock exchange announced today in the official Twitter.

Why fell DigiByte DGB

So really angry about Jared Tate? According to him, the Tron network is fully centralized, with all the TRX tokens produced by pre-hashing — that is, not available to ordinary users of the network. In their statements, the Jared referred to the study by the Director-General Chrous One of Brian Fabina crane. Earlier he said that 56 percent of influence on decision making in the blockchain belong to Tron Binance. The creation of Justin Sana — “the most incompetent job, which you can find among hundreds of other blockchain projects.” Here is his quote.

I’m disgusted with all these trolls and bots TRON who attack me and inflate the hype over a fully centralized network, extolling it as the most decentralized gift from God. Now Poloniex always advertises the TRX, keeping my personal data from the United States.

Justin San really has a huge impact on Poloniex. For example, in October, was reorganized exchange. Then she broke away from the parent Circle, coming from the American market because of pressure from financial regulators.

Justin San. Source: Twitter

Poloniex then settled in Bermuda, but it was in dire need of funding. Support the exchange received from “Asian investment group”. This Association was Justin San, which eventually confirmed the investment in Poloniex. After this exchange took place a listing TRX, and the platform itself started to actively promote the projects of Sana.

And it was done not the best way. For example, on the first of December in the Twitter exchange came the call to buy Tron TRX. After 28 minutes the record is deleted.

Previously, Jared Tate were also in the center of a major scandal with his cryptocurrency and exchange Binance. He mentioned that Binance allegedly demanded that the developers of DigiByte $ 300 thousand and 3 percent of the total number of coins per listing DGB on its platform. Unfortunately, Tate did not provide any evidence to charge General Director of the exchange Canina Zhao.

And while representatives of the community agree that delisting DigiByte has become a common revenge. That is, Tate is too hard to criticize the project of Justin Sanaa, in response to which the latter made the removal of DGB from the list of supported pairs. About users and Hodler coins, of course, no one thought of.

The latest initiative is not appreciated. For example, cryptomnesia under the name Crypto Bitlord noted that after this exchange worthy of burning. His post got more than 400 likes.

Joshua Thomas said the team of the exchange got out of control.

User under the name O Crypto asked, what “standards” do not fit the DGB, and asked it to clarify. He said TheCoinBros, who allegedly found the same Protocol. It contains solely a question of sympathy to the Poloniex.

Note that the blow to the cryptocurrency will become more serious. On Poloniex we have at least 10 percent of all trades coins in a couple DGB/BTC. Exchange itself occupies the fourth place in the ranking of popularity for DigiByte. Information is confirmed by CoinMarketCap.

Exchange with support for DigiByte. Source: CoinMarketCap

Although the rate of the DGB news impact is insignificant. Cryptocurrency a 4 percent decline for the day.

The daily chart of course DigiByte. Source: CoinMarketCap

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