Popcorn for Bitcoin: the largest chain of cinemas in Thailand accepting bitcoins

The largest chain of cinemas Major Cineplex integrates cryptocurrency payments to your service. We will remind, recently the Thai authorities began to officially regulate the trafficking of digital assets in the country. This writes the News.bitcoin.

Film and Bitcoin

To create an ecosystem of cryptocurrency payments manual Major Cineplex entered into a partnership with the Swiss company Rapidzpay. The network of Major Cineplex consists of 143 cinemas throughout Thailand, 43 cinema is located in the largest city Bangkok. The company owns 678 screens, including 7 in Cambodia and 9 in Laos.

To receive payments from Major Cineplex will use the service provided Rapidzpay.

Major and Rapidzpay integrate the possibility of cryptocurrency transactions in the existing payment system. Remittances for the goods and services of cinemas will become faster and more reliable.

While Major Cineplex did not announce what coin will accept as payment. With high probability, the network of cinemas will take BTC, LTC and BCH — these cryptocurrencies are present in the official app Rapidzpay.

Regulation of the crypts in the country has moved from a dead point after the statement of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC). The financial regulator recently allowed officially to sell seven coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash, Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Stellar. The head of the SEC Rapid Sucharitkul said that the Commission is completely open to the incorporation of companies that operate on digital assets.


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