Popular Android-IOS received a major update

Popular Android firmware Paranoid, the authors decided to thoroughly take up its development, received the update to Android 8.1 Oreo. An updated build is now available for download for the owners of some Sony smartphones, spreading absolutely free.

According to the liner notes, they admit that before were not too transparent policy regarding their products, forcing users long wait for the release of the updated assemblies. But now, they promise, everything will be different, and updates will come out more often.

At this stage Paranoid the developers are preparing to launch their own website through which it will be distributed in future versions of the same firmware. In the meantime, the team is forced to place the actual build Paranoid to third-party resources that contributes little to the growth of downloads.

Smartphones compatible with Paranoid

Just at the moment Paranoid Android 8.1 Oreo available on five smartphones from Sony:

— Xperia X
— Xperia X Compact
— Xperia XZ Premium
— Xperia XZ1
— Xperia XZ1 Compact

Download Paranoid for any of the compatible smartphones, you can at this link.

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