Popular browser Chrome will enlist the support of Google Assistant

Google seems to be implementing its voice assistant everywhere where only it is possible to implement. No, of course I’m exaggerating, but only a couple of days ago, we told you how the search giant is going to combine together its two major product in the face of mobile OSes Android and popular all over the world the voice assistant Google now, and now there is news about the integration Assistant in the Chrome browser for Android. In my opinion, Google is moving in the right direction, but all in good time later in this material.

The mobile version of Google Chrome browser is one of the signature Google products pre-installed on many Android devices, and for this reason, including becoming the preferred browser for most users. One of the key products of Google is Google now, a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence and machine learning functions, which is able to conduct a dialogue with the user, focusing on the context, not only formulaic phrases. As I mentioned earlier, the Assistant was already integrated in one product and now, according to the recent changes in Chromium’s code, the Assistant will appear in Google Chrome.

New lines of code in gerrit Chritium was discovered by the publication 9to5Google. This code was tagged “interior view”, and, according to the publication, revealed some information about how the Assistant will use context to recommend to the user certain further actions, and to independently perform these actions within the browser application. Soon after the discovery of the new fragment code, it was removed but 9to5Google has managed to preserve part of it.

Code apparently is not fully functional and is used for something like a demo to show the possibilities of the future integration of the two products in any presentation.

Based on the rest of your code in the publication 9to5Google noted that Google now will know, for example, about the upcoming trip to another city, and, therefore, Chrome will display a special card-offer with booking this trip to the popular theme site, and if you go to this card, all the fields for reservation it will automatically be filled as an Assistant on the basis of information he could learn from the dialogue, reminders, calendar, or talk with you.

Since Google I/O 2019 yet to wait and wait, then now is the demo code might undergo some changes. But one thing is clear for sure, integration between Google Chrome and Google Assistant is only a matter of time, and to follow the developments in this direction for sure and it is definitely interesting.

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