Popular smartphone manufacturer will return to the market

Chinese smartphone maker ZTEsome time ago forced to suspend all business operations, may soon return to the market, found out by Bloomberg. According to the newspaper, the return of the company into operation has contributed to the leadership of the PRC agreed with the United States about the easing of sanctions.

Talks about the future ZTE was conducted at the highest level. One of the panelists was U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin. He accepted the arguments of the Chinese side, agreeing that the United States should not withdraw from ZTE business, but required significant concessions from the company.

In particular, in order to return the right to trade products in the U.S. and cooperate with American suppliers, ZTE will have to change the composition of the Board of the company and to pay the U.S. government a multimillion-dollar fine. The specific conditions of the return of Chinese vendor on the market is still being debated.

ZTE is the fourth largest supplier of mobile devices in the United States. A ban on the sale of branded products and purchase components from American manufacturers could seriously undermine the position of the company in the long term, negatively affect the economic state of China.

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