Porsche begin to test drive the Quad to support the next generation of electric cars

The team uncovered the work of Porsche in Stuttgart for the development of the company for the Quad to generate electric power in the next generation of electric cars, which comes the performance to double compared to a car Taycan.

Not targeting the Porsche developed engine, four-wheel New increase mileage in the next generation of electric cars, but that giant automobile manufacturing that aims to design editor supports control power and performance best-in electric vehicles, through engine design for each frame in the car, leaving Porsche in the payment of energy and direct it to a specific point in the design of the car.

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It is estimated that the engines quartet on the electric power steering control support in a specific goal, when speed increases or when breathing in specific ways need to perform a stronger, or when the rotor drive, for example.

Promotes team work in the company Porsche to experience stroke engine in electric vehicles will experience the distinctive style sports car driving, as the team indicates that this technique will not need special support from the software to clean or sensors to support the control car perform the best.

Recall that the Porsche company has confirmed during the financial period to the start of work on its electric car Macan EV, it is expected that the car comes to the design complies with all the climatic conditions.


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