Portable battery Mophie USB-C 3XL can charge your laptop during the development


Often be difficult to find a plug to charge your laptop when out of the House. This is because there are a lot of people who are looking likewise for the plugs or use the already available ones. The good news is that the company Mophie came to us to dissolve the supports the Mophie USB C-3XL.

This device is basically a portable battery with a capacity of 26000mAh. Because it also includes the connector type of the USB Type-C, it should be able to charge more than just smartphones, they can also charge larger devices including laptops such as Apple MacBook, which includes USB Type-C. It should be noted that this portable battery is able to send 45W of power to the laptop, this is a fast and powerful ship.

You can also use this portable battery to charge your smartphone or tablet several times due to the sheer volume of the battery. There will also be a connector of the USB Type-A if you don’t have any device that have USB-C port, but will reduce the rate of output power from 45W to 12W. The company Mophie also that this portable battery contain feature Priority+ Charging, which means that you can charge the laptop and the battery itself at the same time, but will be granted priority for the laptop first before recharging the battery.

Unfortunately, the price can be a deterrent to a large number of potential customers, the company Mophie asking about $ 200 dollars for portable battery Mophie USB C-3XL. However, there is a battery replacement called the Mophie PowerStation XXL has a capacity of 20200mAh, although the latter does not include the USB Type-C.



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