Portfolio castAway add a second screen for phones iPhone Galaxy

As we enter the era of flip phones this year, we have seen different applications of the idea of integrating the phone versions into a single device, from Samsung andHuawei , andMotorola, but all of them agree on the price of expensive, starts from$ 1500 and more than 2300$.

Provided LG a different approach in the phone G8X where she presented a second screen connected with the phone by the portfolio, which is the same idea that is trying to project castAway implementation, but to the larger problem of phones; where will the clipboard phones iPhone 6 and even iPhone 11 Pro Max, Galaxy S7 وNote 7, even the S10/ Note 10. On that screen are available by political, 5.8 and 6.3 inch.

The screen itself will system ChromeOS managed by the processor OP1 with a frequency of 1.5 Hz and comes with a ram of 4 GB of type LPDDR3 memory storage 32 GB, and a battery 35 watts/hour hold up at the same rate as the resilience of most batteries in modern phones, but the clipboard itself will ensure the front camera and the background especially, though the quality is modest compared to the camera of modern phones.

The importance of the second screen

Aim the second screen to expand the feature of multitasking, running apps separately; and where the arrangement of the screen with the iPhone or Galaxy by WiFi connection through the application of specially designed supports +Multitask, and allows the app to display any application on a second screen and interact with it like he has before on the phone.

The second screen, as we reported would come as part of the clipboard, thereby providing additional advantages, including that it operate the bank in case I wanted to charge the phone itself. It also adds Second Screen additional storage to save data, it supports built-in microSD slot as well, and thus would be an important addition for the iPhone that transmits its external memory port.

And don’t forget the protection provided by the clipboard of the phone in the mode to use and when you close the clipboard, you can use the second screen after the clipboard, where it is activate the modem imposing display application-specific, which highlights the importance when you want to give your phone to someone else does not want to require your personal files.

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When can I buy a portfolio of castAway’s?

Although the portfolio castAway is still a project, has completed the financing stage successfully, the company has confirmed the list it that it has completed the development of the model clipboard and ready to start the production in December.

The company plans to launch the product in May 2020, supported phones iPhone Galaxy mentioned at all, the support is expanded for other in the future or in later versions of the portfolio. Currently booking for half the amount. almost on a limited number of portfolio castAway priced at$ 129 to 5.8 inch 139$ to 6.3 inch, of the page of the project site indiegogo where you can review more details about the organization and operation of the applications on the second screen.

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