Portfolio Galaxy Note10 Pro confirm some of the specifications of the phone

Published today leaks a photographer portfolio Galaxy Note10 Pro associated with the official announcement during the month of August, which confirmed some of the specs that have been leaked so far.

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Usually phone Galaxy Note10 Pro in new leaks today, where the group published an illustrated portfolio of the phone, which confirms that the phone will come this year without the entrance of the heavens and the 3.5 mm at the bottom of the phone.

How come the clipboard with IR in the upper part of the clipboard, while come the back to keep with the design of my head the settings of the camera and the troika, with another cut separate flash camera rear, with sensor and the other is referred to as back to monitor heart rate and blood pressure.

Have indicated previous leaks suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro comes with a battery characteristic capacity of 4170 mAh, as it applies a Dynamic AMOLED characteristic size of 6.8 inches, while the main version Galaxy Note10 size of 6.4-inch screen.

Also to include a Galaxy Note10 Pro storage capacity of 256 GB with a ram of 12 GB, as this release comes with a camera background of the three between their camera, telephoto and other special lenses wide angles.


I know of

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