Portfolio iPhone 9 up to some outlets in the United States

Appeared folder phone Apple related iPhone 9 in some areas of the House recently in the United States market, where forecasts indicate that Apple is preparing to launch the phone in the beginning of April.

Filled iPhone 9 many of the leaks during the period of the past, when this release comes at a lower price markets after the issuance of the company’s previous iPhone SE, today launched the Apple folders This versions that appeared Best Buy with the date of 5 April to start marketing the portfolio, so you may reveal Apple for iPhone the 9 in the date is very close.

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The fund disclosed packaging portfolio Urban Armor Gear for the iPhone 9, on the clipboard a custom version of Apple’s new phones, the iPhone of the year 2020, which features a 4.7-inch, as disclosed in the portfolio on the cut of the cable car trying to design the camera in my phone, iPhone 7, iPhone 8.

Recall that Apple has been revealed during the past week about the iPad Pro tablet, with the new version of the Macbook Air, is expected to offer Apple also iPhone 9 in a specific event or be disclosed directly in a company store.

On the other hand, projections indicate that Apple will be issuing the last of its phones low-cost titled iPhone 9 Plus, which comes in size of 5.5-inch screen, that comes in both versions the design tries to phone the company’s previous iPhone 8, but with Chip A13 Bionic memory random 3 GB RAM and storage capacity of 64 or 128 GB, it also has a phone camera is one of the background, projections indicate the flagship model of the iPhone 9 comes to the market at a price of $ 400.


I know of

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