Positive: chain Lightning Network has grown to $ 2 million

Let’s digress from charts of cryptocurrencies and move on to more positive news. Recently, the network Lightning Network has achieved yet another result — its total cost has reached two million dollars, even though the rapid fall in the price of Bitcoin. It turns out that the level of acceptance and popularity LN is not tied directly to the main cryptocurrency.

Lightning Network climbs to new heights

Note that under total cost of the network means its “capacity” — the number of coins locked in the smart contracts platform. In other words, “capacity” Lightning Network displays the total amount of money that the network can handle in a short period of time. Learn more about working LN it is possible to learn here.

A sharp jump in the growth of the network is notable in that it came at not the best times for the price of Bitcoin. It turns out, the massive use of LN in the cryptocurrency payments are not yet tied to the status of the main cryptocurrency.

Detailed information about the current status of Lightning Network provides a service 1ML. According to the website, the number of active channels in the system exceeds 12,000 pieces, and their “capacity” above $ 2 million and continues to grow. The average cost of nodes is 0.249 V. bitcoin or approximately 962 $ at the current rate.

What is so important indicators Lightning Network? First, they accurately characterize the overall level of adoption of the stock market in the world. Secondly, in the theory LN is the practical application of the crypts. With the help of the coins can be forwarded almost instantly with meager commissions.

The largest Lightning Network nodes are nodes Bitrefill (payment service) and the Torguard VPN. The top also includes Blockstream, one of the main developers of the network.

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Note that the concept of Lightning Network is relatively new, even the Bitcoin. It is possible that in the future it will be used all over the world. To happen quickly, subscribe to our cryptcat.


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