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Payment service PayPal Forum is very large on the internet, most e-stores offer the option of payment using PayPal for their clients. However, in the real world there is no facing almost the service of PayPal, so they miss out on a transaction fee potential that occur in every second.

But this may change soon, thanks to the acquisition company, PayPal company, an emerging Swedish called iZettle. And for those who have not heard about this startup before, they are working in Europe and Latin America and is basically a direct competition to buy a Square. With the acquisition company, PayPal company iZettle, The this step will one step further to launch its service in retail stores the actual.

According to the head of operations section in the company of PayPal, Mr. Bill Ready, has stated by saying : ” the phenomenon of payment in-store via mobile devices for small businesses, is a global phenomenon and there are many players in this market. However, most of these competitors are working in one country or a few countries “.

With this deal, says Mr. Bill Ready that the company PayPal is looking to expand the spread of the service iZettle at the global level, although it remains to be seen what are the countries that will expand to this service. Added Mr. Bill Ready : ” if what I think it’s completely distinctive in this team is its ability to service small businesses on the basis of a multinational “. We hope that this means that the next time you enter our store, you will have the option to use PayPal as one of payment methods available.


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