Posting an amazing picture taken using the phone Nokia 9 PureView, such as the official announcement


Division saw the cameras in smart phones developed rapidly in the last few years, the leaders in this field are Google, Huawei, Apple and Samsung, and all made good progress already with the help of software to produce some wonderful images filled with detail which are characterized by exposure excellent.

The Eduardo Casa, Section Head social media at Nokia, the deployment of images by Finnish designer professional Konsta Punkka. He also published the factory images that show exactly what the camera can Background five phone Nokia 9 PureView do on the Instagram.

And, of course, is automatically subject any image being uploaded to the network Instagram for all kinds of pressure, but there are still some things that we can draw from the picture. At first, this beautiful image of where the angle of the pick, it was taken at the moment of sunset over the mountains. Add the dark clouds of an extra level of depth and balance the darkness with the scene.

Most of the soil, very difficult to take this picture to any smartphone old because of all cases of exposure during photography. The sun shines directly in the camera while it sets over the mountains but we can see some detail in the shadows of the mountain peaks and see the area dripping in the sun completely.

Although published on the Instagram indicating that he was editing the picture already on the same phone that filmed it, we wonder about the type of application that was used to achieve this. The phone must be Nokia 9 PureView able to pull large amounts of information from a scene, and possibly get this phone to capture this image in RAW format to achieve this level of detail. Must be this phone is very good in cases where the dynamic range is high.

Generally, we will make sure everything on the phone Nokia 9 PureView when it is announced officially tomorrow, Sunday 24 February the World Conference for the MWC 2019 to be held in Barcelona, Spain.

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