Postpone launching the project of Rocket Internet space

تأجيل اطلاق مشروع صواريخ الانترنت الفضائيto postpone launching the project of Rocket Internet space

The company said SpaceX’s rocket has been postponed its release already due for bad weather. on Wednesday has been postponed liftoff again after 24 hours a day Thursday, but about a week this time so as to achieve the software of the satellite and checked ”everything“ thoroughly.

She said the company, which was founded by Elon Musk, the task was postponed aimed at developing an initial cohort of 60 satellites in low Earth orbit to run the internet service world the new ”StarLink“ owned diamonds is a service designed to provide funds for the ambitions of space exploration, the other has billionaire entrepreneur Musk.

Was basically that applies to the Falcon 9 rocket and its satellite from Cape Canaveral in Florida Wednesday evening, but SpaceX pushed it due to the high winds over the launch site.

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The company said ”We always want to do everything we can on the ground to reach the team success of our mission to the fullest extent. The chances of ever following through about a week“.

Did not give more details to reporters in Cape Canaveral.

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