Postpone the launch of the Game 2 The Wolf Among Us for the 2019

تأجيل إطلاق لعبة 2 The Wolf Among Us لعام 2019

By 5 years from now, and specifically in 2013 the company launched the Telltale game by the famous The Wolf Among Us “the wolf among us” which is one of the best games of action and adventure for each of them, and its almost been released on all operating systems well-known “Windows, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Android”, and actually received positive reviews by critics, and is still a great title company.

In 2017, the company announced that the second version of the game and the wait will be this year indicated exactly late 2018, but that won’t happen, where I announced yesterday that the second version of the game The Wolf Among Us e postponed to some time in 2019.

This is what is referred to by the company in the official blog said : “the delay comes as the result of some fundamental changes here at Telltale, and since that we announced last summer for our development for the second version of the game, we have to demobilize a quarter of our staff until late 2017, as part of the restructuring efforts”.

And completed her talk: “more importantly, we are committed to exploring new ways to tell our stories, and taking this extra time will allow us to not only focus on quality but also on experience and repetition in order to craft something really special”.

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