Postpone the launch of the game Anthem of the EA to 2019

لعبة EA Anthem

لعبة EA Anthem

The company reported EA to the game Anthem the developer by BioWare, which was supposed to hit markets by 2018, will be postponed until 2019.

And reviewing the reasons for the postponement, the company BioWare confirmed they are not ready yet and need more time to deliver the best experience to use as possible by building the plot of the strong force. While the President emphasized the CEO of EA that the postponement comes a allow for Anthem to take its chance due to the high competition within this year.

And the events of the game Anthem in an open environment the player needs to collect weapons and to defend itself, just like the game Destiny 2.

Reported to CEO EA to the new version of Battlefield will be released in October 2018, without to mention the official name.

The postponement of the launch of the game the Anthem of the EA to 2019 appeared first on the tech world.

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