Postponement of the production process phones iPhone 12 Series again, according to a new report

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Apple is working twice as hard to start the production machined iPhone 12 Series in large quantities as soon as possible, despite numerous obstacles imposed by the pandemic COVID-19 continuing.

The company terminated the Apple TV most of the tests, the control engineering models iPhone 12 Series compatible with the 5G, but it has not yet completed tests design verification tests to check the product, before you can start mass production.

It is reported that Apple asked at the outset of the components is sufficient to produce about 100 million units of phones iPhone 12 Series, but trimmed the requests to $ 80 million. The company also asked the manufacture of 45 million model iPhone old to maintain sales momentum in the shadow of the late arrival of lineup iPhone 12 Series new.

According to some sources, specialized in the sector, will Apple make models of iPhone 12 that supports the mmWave and Sub-6GHz. Because of the troubles caused by the epidemic, the process of manufacturing models of the iPhone 12, which support networks of 5G mmWave still late by about two months from the deadline, while remaining manufacturing process models iPhone 12 that supports 5G networks Sub-6GHz late by about a month to a month and a half.

Sources say that the final assembly of iPhones may be delayed to early October, which is in line with reports that have said that it won’t display phones iPhone 12 Series for sale in the market until the month of November next.

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