Power Bank Mobile Power 3 Meizu and Meizu earphone EP-52 Lite will give you a price

In addition to the three (actually four) smartphone company Meizu today introduced a couple other new products.

The first power Bank Mobile Power 3. Its capacity is 10,000 mAh at a cost of $ 12. I have the feeling that they will soon be free to distribute.

The novelty has received two full USB ports and USB C charging the device. Both USB ports give out 5V at 2A, and the battery is charged with a power of 18 W, which takes about 3.5 hours. The novelty is available in white and black.

The second presented device is a wireless headset EP52 Lite cost $ 20. This model supports Bluetooth aptX and 4.2. The headphones also offer up to eight hours of battery life. From the descriptions on the official site I did not understand what this model is really different from the older. Except that the design is more quiet, but it’s still an Amateur.

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