Pre-orders on phone Sony Xperia 5 now launched in both Europe and the United States

Xperia 5

Xperia 5 Sony a rare example of the leading smartphones small size and relatively cheap price tag commensurate with its capabilities, not its size. Scheduled to be shipping the phone in early October in Europe, and a month later in the United States of America.

Request Store Sony official online in France 800 euros for the phone. Will be shipping the first units in the day 2 November. It should be noted that it is offering a wonderful gift with pre-orders too, and this gift is a wireless earbuds backed noise cancelling Sony WF-1000XM3 amounting to 250 euros. What is important is that pre-orders for the 125 first you will get these headphones wireless.

The same offer is available in Germany for 850 euros. As for Netherlands, they get on the phone without headphones for 800 euros. And yet, he didn’t appear the phone after in the stores of Sony in other European countries.

Started up B&H and Focus in the United States to receive pre-orders on the Xperia 5, although the charging process will not start until the 5th day of November, which means after almost two months from now. The cost of the phone in the USA about US $ 800 with the knowledge that it will not come with the wireless earbuds listed above.

For comparison, the cost of the phone Xperia 1 about 950 euros in stores Sony Online in Europe. However, it is available for purchase at a price lower than that in the number of stores of the third party in the Old Continent. In the United States of America, the starting price for the phone of $ 900 USD.


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