Preliminary results of testing the performance of the processor chip Snapdragon 8cx from Qualcomm

Revealed today on the results of preliminary tests conducted on the version of Qualcomm’s new chip the Snapdragon processor 8cx in the benchmark, which revealed improvements in performance.

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Provided Qualcomm processors 8cx for the first time by Snapdragon by 2018, and today back from the new company processor Snapdragon 8cx that comes a range of improvements in performance.

I have conducted preliminary tests on a version of Qualcomm’s new benchmark, which included testing applications PCMark 10, the formation of Microsoft applications Excel, and PowerPoint, and also Word and Edge, with the model of the 3DMark Night Raid of the ARM.

It was also a test of PCMark 10 in running Office apps, the formation of the video content, where the processing computer reference chip Snapdragon 8cx, it features memory random 8 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 256 GB NVMe, with operating system Windows 10, where I conducted these tests in May 2019.

It has also been compared to the performance with a Dell XPS 13 which features the third generation of processors Intel Core i5-8250U, with Ram of 8 GB RAM, the storage capacity of 256 GB in capacity NVMe.

I have recorded the processor chip Qualcomm 8cx in the device reference performance is higher than expected, but that the device reference with the chip Snapdragon processor 8cx didn’t take a Dell XPS 13 in all the tests, where the Miss device the Dell XPS 13 also in some tests.

Performance processor Qualcomm 8cx with graphics

Provided the processor in fees with 3DMark Night Raid performance with the average of the laptops, where to miss the results of the Snapdragon 8cx with Realtek screen Adreno 680 processor Intel Core i5.

The capacity of the battery in the chip 8cx

Miss chip Snapdragon processor version Intel a 2K screen while the device is Snapdragon 8cx quality of the FHD display on the screen, as keep your chip Snapdragon 8cx-old charging up to a day almost any skips processor Core i5 several hours in battery life.

As a result of the these tests from the numbers, the Snapdragon processor 8cx Syntex processor Intel Core i5 perform better, but is expected to experience further tests on the chip Snapdragon 8cx when you launch the chip in the new devices.


I know of

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