Preparation of lightness, easy to see notifications on the Samsung phones

Increase the length and volume of phones and smart day after day, it is difficult to use with one hand, some phones, including the phones Samsung is actually the default, request the withdrawal of the top of the screen to get to notifications, but there is a solution hidden in the interface, One UI the existing phones Samsung modern.

Designed interface, One UI to enable use with one hand as the name implies, for devices which include the facade, which was released in 2019, including S8 – S10 and Note 8 – Note 10, you won’t need to extend your hand or use both hands to get to the center of notifications after activating this setting.

Enable the pull down to get notifications

• Tap and hold on any free area on the Home screen and then choose “Home screen settings” and from here, activate the option “Why down to the center of notices”.

After activating the option, when the network key, you can drag down from the empty area of the quick access to Notification Center; with the clarification that the water may not work if you use one outside, where it depends then on the support line for this feature.

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