Preparing for Casper: what about Proof-of-Work Ethereum to the integration of the critical updates?

Recently, the Ethereum developers discussed details of the new hard forks Constantinople. Update Casper postponed until 2019 or 2020. Service provided information on the voting for the next EIP network cryptocurrency.

What about Ethereum

In cryptocommunist proposed several options for resolving the problem of inflation Ethereum. The first is to drop the bomb and leave the reward for the block is the same. The idea was not supported, voted for only 0.2% of participants.

A third vote for the reduction of the rewards per block to 2 ETH (EIP 1234), with a bomb of complexity will have to be postponed. Finally, the most popular solution was reducing awards to miners to 1 ETH (EIP 858). For this option voted 72 percent of participants.

The idea of increasing the reward per block (EIP 1227) have received almost no support. It was voted 65.5 per coin, while the total pool improvements the EIP election was 151 170.1 coins. This amount of cryptocurrency distributed among 170 votes.

The project is now Vitalik Buterin hearing not only the most famous billionaires, but also from visitors to our cryptodata. Discuss?


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