Preparing for the dump: cryptomnesia created a “nuclear briefcase” in the event of discharge altcoins

In the fifties the citizens of the two superpowers (USA and USSR), almost always lived in fear of nuclear attack. The cold war caused the construction of hundreds of heavily fortified shelters against nuclear bombs. Cryptomnesia from Cyprus Ilker Dagli built their own shelter, however, from another Apocalypse — the fall of Bitcoin.

Security system for investors

In the case of a sharp-draining prices to the crypt of the investor shall be hedged in a “good” assets. Dagli brought this process to a whole new level — he built his own protective mechanism, the principle of which published on YouTube.

Dagli device is a big red button, very similar to a kind of “nuclear briefcase”. When the button is pressed, all open orders are cancelled investor, and his cryptocurrency sold at the market price. Agree, very handy thing when you have a lot of coins that need to quickly sell.

Although Dagli and used as a platform to dump their positions Binance, the inventor says that the button can sync with almost any major stock exchange with good liquidity.

The Cypriot is more interesting inventions. Previously, he created a special valve, through which you can increase or decrease the speed of the Internet connection. In the words of Dagli, such a device will be useful in case the Internet will become too unstable.

In the industry of cryptocurrency is always a place to have fun and meme. For this, you can create entire projects with resounding success. Recall that you created as a joke coin Dogecoin is still held in the top of the Coinmarketcap. Recently, the developers even DOGE has entered into a strategic partnership with Ethereum, which resulted in the project Dogethereum.

Another striking example is Unobtanium. In circulation is only 250,000 coins of the project, so they are literally very hard “to obtain” (collect). At the end of 2017, the capitalization of Unobtanium even reached $ 75 million.

Image source — PBS

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