Presented Android 9 Pie (Go edition)

The Android operating system Go was presented in may last year. Then it changed to Android Oreo (Go edition), to make it clearer which version of the green robot is the basis.

Android Go is aimed at smartphones and weak developing countries with poor and expensive mobile Internet. It is characterized by reduced appetite as the system and applications, and defined additional functions some standard applications and Google services.

We have Android Go never became widespread, because neither Ukraine nor Russia do not go to the list of countries where this version is the main focus. One of the most important markets — India. But in General many countries. Google itself says more than 120 countries and more than 100 manufacturers who have already released such devices.

In General, today quietly introduced the Android 9 Pie (Go edition). Unfortunately, in the press release no data at all about what new chips have switched from Android to Android Pie 9 Pie (Go edition). Google notes that only the acceleration of the work, improving safety, and these are all the other General concepts. From the specifics, only that in smartphones with 8 GB of flash memory out of the box will now be free 5 GB and 5.5 GB! Well, direct breakthrough of the year!

In General, for most of us, the announcement is useless and is only interesting from the point of view of General knowledge so to speak. I honestly do not understand the point of releasing a separate version at a time when frankly weak platforms on the market are simply not there, and 3 GB of RAM put even smartphones with price less than 100 bucks. Adapted app — Yes, but why a separate system?

And you used the Android Go?

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