Presented new technology that allows you to call and send SMS without a network connection

Until smartphone manufacturers and operators around the world discuss the benefits of 5G, OPPO to ask another question — what if you lost your cell phones and also disabled Wi Fi and Bluetooth? In answering this question, the Chinese company has introduced a new technology called MeshTalk, which can transfer data between devices at a distance of 3 km from each other.

On passing now in Shanghai of the conference MWC 2019 OPPO showed not only the first smartphone with built-in screen, front-facing camera, but also introduced the technology MeshTalk. MeshTalk uses a special chip with high sensitivity to achieve communication at a distance. It is a system with low bandwidth, but it supports voice calls and not text messages.

MeshTalk technology operates at a distance up to 3 km

Between devices that support this technology will create a local network through which you can send text messages and make voice calls at a distance of 3 kilometers. And it’s in open space. In public places (on the concert or on the red square on may 9, for example) with a large number of supported devices the distance between the interlocutors can be even more.

The new technology also consumes very little energy, and therefore, OPPO was already working on smartphones that can work up to 72 hours in standby mode with active MeshTalk. This technology can be useful in emergency situations when there is an overload of base stations in locations in areas with large concentrations of people or simply can not access the mobile network.

OPPO did not disclose what technology is behind MeshTalk or when the first smartphones will be available in the market.

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