Presented the bold concept 11

Everyone has their own idea what should be the new iPhone. Some want to add Podebrady fingerprint scanner, the other to remove the protruding camera, others to rid of the characteristic indentations in the screen. But the first leak of iPhone 11 shows us that Apple did not take into account the wishes of users. But to the views of users are listened to designers, creating on their basis of promising concepts.

Next kontsept iPhone 11 was designed by industrial designer, hiding under the pseudonym Moe Slah. Design the project was placed on the platform Behance. The concept is interesting because it shows the product is made in the style of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Let’s look at a project.

The designer sure that the iPhone 11 will be deprived of a recognizable cut-out in the screen. It is noteworthy that the author of the project believes that he will be replaced by a hole in the display. In the illustrated embodiment, the smartphone is very similar to the new product from Samsung.

The speaker will be located just above the screen, and all the necessary sensors to work Face ID will be located in the “new” design element. Change the slider to silent mode, which will be vertical, as in the old iPad.

Protruding camera — no. Enthusiast not only got rid of the characteristic hump, but put all the camera in one vertical row. Looks so much nicer than what we see on the leaks.

Without a doubt, the project looks very good. But do not expect that the iPhone 11 will even remotely resemble this product. If you believe the rumors, the next-generation iPhone will not get significant changes. The design of the devices will remain the same, and all of the proposed innovations are more likely to be evolutionary than revolutionary.

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