Presented the world’s first standards for drones

The first global standards for drones was launched today. They are intended to compliance that the aircraft was safe, and the operators could be held responsible. Standards development was done by the international organization for standardization (IOS). Outline standards for operations with drones, which can be accessed by everyone, will be available until January 21, 2019. In the same year, the standards will be adopted everywhere.

What the document says?

Standardization of drones

In principle, with the standards it is hard to disagree. These standards require “no flying zones” to ensure sufficient distances from airports or other sensitive places. In the document suggest a geofence adaptive technology for the termination of operations in confined areas. It is also reported that must be adhered to flight procedures, training and maintenance. There are rules that allow operators to comply with privacy and data protection. What is important, it is also stated that a reliable means of human intervention is required for all flights of unmanned aerial vehicles, and drone operators are brought to justice.

Why is it necessary? Agreement with a consistent set of sectoral rules will encourage more organizations to adopt drone technology, thanks to a deeper assurance of security and resiliency. Currently, half of the incidents with air traffic includes the participation of unmanned drones. Standards needed to improve almost any industry.

This set of standards will be the first of four involving unmanned drones. The following three sets of standards will be to delve into the technical specifications, workmanship and management traffic.

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