Presented watch Huawei Watch GT: big OLED screen, good autonomy and good price

Huawei today also introduced the device Watch GT. Recently there was a big drain on this model. In particular, in comments to the news about the dispute regarding the nature of the device.

So, most of the questions on the new product can be removed now. Let’s start with the parameters.

  • Screen — OLED with a diagonal of 1.39 inches resolution 454 x 454 pixel
  • Platform processor Cortex — M4 + additional co-processor to display information on the display
  • RAM — 16 MB
  • Drive — 128 MB
  • Accum — 420 mAh
  • Dimensions — 46.5 x 46.5 x 10.6 mm with 46 g
  • Materials — stainless steel and ceramic (for the bezel)

Now read more. The main advantage of the new autonomy. In the “normal” use of the device will last up to two weeks. When working solely in watch mode, up to months, and at a continually active GPS to 22 hours. Given that huge AMOLED screen, this is a great performance. Of course, there is the heart rate sensor TruSeen 3.0, built-in Bluetooth 4.2, has NFC, but no wifi. Information about work only with Huawei smartphones, as I thought was wrong. Watch GT can be used with devices with Android (4.4 or fresh), and iOS (9.0 and fresh). The watch is protected from water, they can swim and even dive. If we talk about skills, they are typical for normal activity tracker. That is, the tracking of sports activity tracking heart rate and sleep, alerts from your smartphone and so on.

Price new is 200 and 250 euros depending on the modification. By the way, I was expecting $ 200, so you could say that guessing.

Now the most interesting, though not all. The operating system here, we use LiteOS. LiteOS has been presented in 2015, as a platform for devices in the IOT. Then Huawei claimed that the system occupies only 10 KB of memory. The latest data I have, but in 2017 the world was already about 3 million devices with this system. Interestingly that initially Huawei was not talking about the ability to use LiteOS in activity trackers or smart watches. It was then discussed about the various sensors, small household appliances, water and gas meters, street lamps and so on. If I understand correctly, to Watch GT, no such device LiteOS is not used.

As for how to perceive the device is still more fitness tracker, not a smart watch. First, that’s what they called a major Western resources, and secondly, more importantly, neither Huawei nor any third-party sources never says about the availability of LiteOS on the watch GT Watch for third-party developers. That is, apparently, no third-party applications in hours will not. Actually, the app store also has not been told.

Also note that on many videos showing the first look at the device, it can be seen that the interface device is sufficient brooding, and sometimes frankly stupid. Will be hoping that the start of sales is correct.

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