Presents a method, which can lull cancer cells. Forever

Treatment of cancer today involves the destruction of the tumor in all possible ways. But why not “put to sleep” cage forever? Then they will no longer be a danger. Sounds strange? To some extent, Yes, but a group of researchers from Australia did just that. Moreover, the new method allows not only to beat cancer but also to avoid a number of side effects.

According to the editors of the journal Nature, substance, tranquilliser cancerous cells affects proteins KAT6A and KAT6B. First, as a rule, is associated with acute myeloid leukemia, but KAT6B provokes the development of a number of neoplastic processes. These proteins participate in the processes of cell proliferation and they have a number of “built-in brakes” that do not allow proteins to allow cells to divide uncontrollably. But because of the number of chromosomal mutations KAT6A and KAT6B are deprived of regulatory systems, with the result that they provoke the development of cancer processes. The new substance acts as such a regulator.

In laboratory experiments on mice with blood cancer a new drug has prolonged the life of animals in four times. The growth of tumor cells, not just stopped – they are like, “put on pause”. According to the authors of the study,

“New stuff is simply deprives the cancer cells ability to trigger cell cycle. Technically this is called cellular senescence. Cells simply stop functioning. Unlike radiation and chemotherapy, the drug selectively kills only infected cells and not harm healthy. We will continue our research in order to finalize the preparation and conduct additional clinical studies.”

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