Presents smartphone Meizu 16x — the potential bestseller, especially in our market

The company Meizu today unveiled three new smartphones. The first highly anticipated Meizu 16X. It’s almost a complete copy of the older Meizu 16th, with a few differences. By the way, Meizu 16X in some markets will be sold under the name Meizu 16, which I think will only confuse the uninitiated.

In General, let’s start with settings, if anyone has forgotten or did not know the characteristics of Meizu 16th.

  • Screen — AMOLED 6 inch 2160 x 1080 pixels
  • Platform — Snapdragon 710
  • RAM — 6 GB
  • Flash memory — 64 or 128 GB
  • Accum — 3010 mAh
  • Main camera — 12 + 20 MP
  • Frontalka — 20 MP

In General, if you don’t count the platform, from a technical point of view is a full copy of the older model, and it’s cool. Especially when you consider that the Snapdragon processor 710 is also very powerful and is also 10 nm. Yes, Podebrady scanner here too. $ 300.

In addition to platform other differences are not significant. First, there are now three colors: white, black and gold. And secondly, then returned to the materials, like the Meizu 15: metal cover with ceramic coating. And it’s cool! I outwardly monolithic unit Meizu 16X like it much more than Meizu 16th with its brilliant frame. Of course, here on the fan, but now I just realize that I personally would not overpay for the older model. Of course, assuming that the camera purposely not shadowgraphy, but I think everyone in this issue.

The cost of new items is 305 and 350 dollars depending on the modification. Let me remind you, Meizu 16th starts with $ 400. In our market, Meizu 16th was originally announced for 13 000, 14 000, probably due to the jump course. Given this, we can assume that Meizu 16X we will have about 11 000 UAH. And probably I’ll buy.

So, there is a price for Ukraine. I guess for a younger version want 11 000 UAH. 6/128GB — 12 500 UAH.

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