President of Huawei: system HarmonyOS will be released for smartphones in 2020!

In the conference of Huawei last, declared the president of the company Huawei to system HarmonyOS will finally smartphones in the next year 2020 however, clarified that the system will come to replace the Android platform, he also explained that Android is still the preferred system for Huawei!نظام هارموني HarmonyOS

System HarmonyOS coming for Huawei in 2020

Other exciting things about the system HarmonyOS is that the system will be available globally and will not only be exclusive to China! It has explained the president of Huawei that the system will become fully open-source in August 2020, which will allow companies and developers tweaking it and its features.

We heard before from multiple sources that the system of harmony will be lighter than the Android as it would be safer, but the question here is: Are we going to see this system on one of the Huawei phones leading or we’ll see it just to series phones the side-as happened with the Z series of Samsung which came with the system Tizen? Share your opinion and impression you now!

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