President of Lenovo: phone battery Z5 next to enable them to hold out for 45 days


After detection Zhang spasm CEO of Lenovo about some of the killer specs of the phone company next Z5 display some images that give us a glimpse of the design of the phone and the Camera Dual, today announced a new surprise is that the battery life of the Lenovo Z5 will run for 45 days in standby mode.


There is no information about the battery capacity itself, but it is expected that it will be great, however can’t achieve 45 days of standby on a single charge as soon as you increase the battery capacity, so there must be some new improvements on the software, perhaps with the help of automated learning.

It is expected to have Lenovo Z5 large screen an area of about 100% of the front end of the phone, thanks to the support of his 4 techniques dedicated to removing dialogue from all sides, including the space for your camera or earpiece or a fingerprint scanner.

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