Presidential candidate of America favors the dismantling of Facebook

Company Facebook, increasing demands to dismantle it, citing the Democratic candidate for the US presidency from the state of California, Kamala Harris, Kamala Harris, noted that U.S. officials should think of the dismantling of Facebook, the largest social community in the world, saying: I have become as a tool to help the organization effectively.

Explained Harrison, a member of the U.S. Senate and one of the more than 20 candidates, a Democrat seeking the party’s nomination for the presidential election of 2020, that Facebook has experienced tremendous growth, and has given priority to its growth at the expense of the interests of consumers, especially in regard to issues of privacy.

And Kamala had said in an interview: “I think we should take a serious look at dismantling the Facebook”, adding that there are very few people they can communicate with their communities or their businesses or their trade without the use of Facebook in a way, we must realize that, and deal with the company as a vital service must be cleaned.

And Facebook for scrutiny by regulators around the world about their practice is wrong in the participation of data users, in addition to the spread of hate speech, and misleading information on their social networks.

Called some legislators and other Americans, including the presidential candidate of the Democratic, Elizabeth Warren, Elizabeth Warren, to challenge for the dismantling of the big tech companies, and the issuance of federal law to implement privacy.

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Also called Chris Hughes, Chris Hughes, cofounder of Facebook, the Federal Trade Commission FTC to split the social network into three parts, saying: the Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has acquired unprecedented power.

And raised company Facebook, which has more than two million users on its social network, call Chris Hughes to dismantle them after becoming – the recipe – very large, and very strong, so that it is not subject to any real accountability, and competitors, must be divided.

He said Nick Clegg Nick Clegg, the company’s vice president of global affairs: if Facebook agree that accountability comes with success, but you don’t have to impose accountability through support to the dismantling of the American company successful.

Suggested Elizabeth Warren plans to increase scrutiny in matters of antitrust in the technology sector, with its pledge to dismantle Facebook, Amazon, and Google, in the case of election, published a proposal belonging to the separation of Facebook, and WhatsApp, the enter.

In approaching the current US President Donald Trump Donald Trump, a Republican, to Amazon and social networks, such as Facebook, need to have more stringent regulation.

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