Price and specifications of the phone Shawty new Xiaomi Mi 9

Mobile phones are no longer the preserve of Apple, Samsung, Sony less fortunate, there are many giant companies that compete strongly and in some their product evaluation win go to large companies.

Huawei Share at least two quality, credibility, and determination of those that you’re creating in his days with Huawei phones incurred by Shaw in many of the foregoing which revealed in turn recently about the new phones Xiaomi Mi 9 at the Barcelona global.

A new phone Xiaomi Mi 9 bottle curved back holds 3 cameras sensor you need Sony.

Specification of Xiaomi Mi 9

  • The screen size of 6.39 inches of type AMOLED production Samsung 2340×1080 pixels is protected with a layer of glass and Sunday Gorilla Glass 6.
  • Processor Snapdragon 855 eight-core of Qualcomm technology to 7 nanometers.
  • Processor graphics type Adreno 640 .
  • Rear camera three first accurately 48 megapixel girl lens f/1.75 and the second accurately 12 megapixel second accurately 16 megapixel.
  • Front camera accurately 20-megapixel supports fingerprint face.
  • Memory random 6 or 8 or 12 GB with storage space of 128 – 256 GB.
  • Fingerprint supported within the screen phone of the chair.
  • The battery capacity of 3300 mAh that supports fast charging technology Charge Turbo

Price Phone Xiaomi Mi 9

  • Version memory 6 GB storage space and 128 GB, priced at $ 445
  • For the memory of 8 GB and storage space of 128 GB, priced at $ 490
  • For the memory of 12 GB and storage space of 256 GB, at the price of $ 600.

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