Price and specifications Samsung Galaxy “Active” new

Try company Samsung leading in the field of smart phones, which has launched several phones amazing couple of days ago, given by the smart another chance, with the launch of Samsung new Galaxy “Active”, then come with us and learn the most important specifications, features and price.

The price of the Samsung “Active”

Was to determine the price of the Samsung “Active” for $ 199.99 USD, if you live in the United States and the pre-order directly from Samsung, you’ll also get a wireless charging plate free, but it is not clear whether this deal will spread around the rest of the world.

The previous design

This smart watch is another round of Samsung, unlike the hours Galaxy Watch, where there is no frame Rotary in it like the previous versions, in what I assume he is trying to make the design of athletic wear, it seems much lighter than the last hour, but if you are accustomed to using hours galaxy, you may not be surprised by the pleasure more ways to ease in development.

On the right side of the arena will open for operation, as in the middle screen display of 360 x 1.1 inches, while the body comes with one size only., the It is also water resistance “IP68” which means you will be able to wear this when heading to the pool for a swim.

The advantage of the former athletes

The hour is coming Samsung Galaxy “Active” with a heart rate monitor like the previous smart, but is also able to measure the level of stress you have, the notes when the rate of palpitation of the heart, and from there he will tell you to take some time to observe your stress and even recommends breathing exercises for you to do.

سعر ومواصفات ساعة سامسونج جالاكسي "Active" الجديدة

Battery specifications

Come hours Galaxy “Active” battery with 230 mAh, which is logical because it is the smallest of all the women in the galaxy of the watch, where you are shipping through the wireless charger, which means that you can enhance them using pads shipping “Qi” or a Galaxy S10 with the new charging feature in two directions.

Featuring hours new Samsung dual-core processor Samsung’s “Exynos 9110” with 768 MB of RAM, a setup similar to what the company has achieved in the last generation.

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