Price bendable Samsung Galaxy F is estimated

Гибкий смартфон Samsung

Many users today are looking for the answer to the question regarding the retail price of a bendable smartphone Galaxy F, Samsung will offer consumers soon. Times were different assumptions and forecasts were made, but now analysts concluded that the price of the product on the basis of the calculation of costs for components of a smartphone, which have yet to enter the market and to lay the Foundation for the emergence of a new form factor mobile devices. It was also shown how the novelty is more relevant Galaxy S9+ and iPhone Max XS. Such smart phones are projected to soon after receive significant distribution.

The Korean Agency CGS-CIMB Research published a report that estimates the cost of materials — Bill of Materials (BOM) — new bendable Samsung Galaxy F and the comparison with Galaxy S9+ and iPhone Max XS, says Peter (Peter), viewing a new message in the published resource picture note.

Folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy F — the cost of components and retail price


The most expensive is the display of the upcoming smart phone or rather “displays” — 218,8 USD. Because the Galaxy F will be the positioning of one large bend a 7.3 inch display panel and external 4,58-inch display. It is expected that the novelty will equip with two batteries, which, however, does not greatly increase the device’s cost, because the expected costs of these components — 9.2 per U.S. dollar. The expected overall battery capacity of the smartphone will be 5000 — 6000 mAh.

The most expensive components of new products, in addition to its displays will include: mechanical and Electromechanical components to 87.5 US dollars; the Memory is 79 U.S. dollars; applications processor — 71 the U.S. dollar and the camera — 48.5 US dollars.


The cost of materials for new items is about 65% more than for iPhone and S9, for which this indicator is about the same. Analysts predict that Samsung is focused on the profitability of sales of 65% at the level of Apple, not 55% as in Galaxy S9+.

Thus the retail price (excluding possible stock operators) may amount to USD 1,800. This price previously predicted rumors.

Analysts also predict that in 2019 will be sold with approximately 3.5 million bendable phones, but their sales will grow and in 2022 will be 22 million units. Gradually will decline and the price of bendable phone and in 2022 it will be on the average to reach US $ 1300.

Also expected as competition among manufacturers of components for bendable phones. At the moment the leader is Samsung Display, which, according to the report, capable of producing 1 million bendable displays per year. LG Display will reach that figure only in 2020.

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