Prices for the new iPhones shocked even the Europeans

Prices for the new iPhone, approaching to 1.5 thousand dollars, or 130 thousand rubles, were a shock not only for Russians but also for people from other European countries. Indignation of consumers was due to the fact that in Europe prices in terms of U.S. currency are found to be 20-25% higher than in the US.

According to users who have expressed their dissatisfaction on social networks, they really do not understand what they have to pay. So, when converted to dollars, the European instance iPhone XS in the basic configuration in the German Apple Store is about 200 dollars more expensive than in the us.

Boycott new iPhone

“Boycott the new iPhone Xs in Europe! — calls the user Karsten, Stratz. American price [for iPhone] is 999 dollars, European — 1149 euros. The current Euro-dollar exchange rate — 1,1626. Fair price for iPhone Xs] 859 euros! The difference is 290 euros just for the fact that we are citizens of the EU. Don’t pay the taxes that Apple pays over China!”.

Surprisingly, for residents of some European countries to fly to the USA for the new iPhone turned out to be even cheaper than buying it at home. According to estimates Twitter user with the nickname Kiddo, flight London to new York and back would cost him $ 340, while the difference between British and American price reaches $ 450.

Why iPhone so expensive

The reaction can be observed in social networks, strange in itself. Because neither in this nor in the past year, Apple has not made any changes in pricing policy in Europe, forming retail prices for their products at the long-established principle. According to him, the European price is higher than the us due to VAT, whereas in the US tax varies from state to state and is calculated individually.

And in Russia?

The same principle as in Europe, operates in Russia, but adjusted for the ruble against the Euro, which is constantly changing. It is because of him basic iPhone Xs, which in the USA is estimated at the same $ 999 that the iPhone X, in the domestic market costs 87 990 rubles against 79 990 rubles, which were asked for last year’s “top ten.”

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