Prices New Replacement Battery for iPhone

After complaints of sudden closure suffered by some models of iPhone old last year, he developed the Apple power management functionality to assess the performance of the processors, the iPhone automatically if you don’t provide the battery energy required to reach the maximum performance, to prevent that the sudden closure, but the failure of Apple to inform the user to reduce the performance of your company’s presentation to invite lawsuits.

Had then Tim Cook to apologize for the cooperation of Apple with the problem and to restore user confidence, the company began a program to replace battery for iPhone discount of 63%, compared to the$ 29 instead of$ 79, all 2018.

After detection iPhone Xs xs max then iPhone Xr yesterday, occurred Apple TV a lot of the terms of exchange and insurance as well as charges battery replacement; beginning January 1, 2019 can be replaced battery iPhones 2018 new iPhone X vs 69$ while replacing the battery models the oldest and even the iPhone 6 will be 49$.

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