Prices require to target payment cards with electronic chips and numbers, Personal Identification

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Researchers have Kaspersky Lab reported that the group behind the malicious software eyes Prilex specialized to attack POS systems, Pat can now convert the credit card data stolen to cards, Bank plastic effectively, this is a sophisticated threat that is currently working in the Latin American business model that is supportive and easy to use to facilitate the attackers to launch attacks.

Attracted increasing reliance on payment cards, smart cards and local number, a Personal Identification the attention of cyber criminals after their proliferation during the last decade at the level of the world, found researchers at Kaspersky Lab who are watching the financial crimes electronic commerce in Latin America that software prices malware has evolved to target the technical underpinning of these cards.

Work this software malware since 2014, the researchers argue that the operators have expanded their efforts to move from the hacked ATMs to attacks on POS systems developed by Brazilian companies, even today used credit card information stolen in the creation of bank cards plastic is effective, what allows for what conduct fraudulent transactions in any store, whether online or offline.

This is the first time seen by researchers on the ground a complete set of tools used to implement the operations of a financial scam, and credit card cloned in any of the POS systems in Brazil because of the application to the wrong address “europay, MasterCard and visa”, which means not to talk of all data during the approval process of the Bank to make a payment.

And run malicious software prices from a technical perspective, the three components:

  • Malicious code you modify the system point-of-sale and review the credit card information.
  • The server is used to manage the information that has been obtained illegally.
  • User application can client software a malicious to use it to view statistics related to cards, for example, the amount that was stolen using that card, or copy those stats or save them.

But the most prominent feature of this malicious software is in the business model associated with it, which takes into account all the needs of users, such as the need to simple user interface and easy to use.

Evidence suggests that software prices malware is distributed through the postal service the traditional, to persuade the victims to grant criminals access to your computer to provide technical support remotely during a session used to install this software, it is commonly found that most of the victims were from the traditional stores, such as gas stations, supermarkets and retail markets normal, all of which are located in Brazil.

In this context, he explained Tiago Marx, the security analyst has the Kaspersky Lab, that dealing here is with the malicious software completely new, offering the attacker everything, starting from the GUI access to the unit was well designed which can be used to create different structures for credit cards, said: “Still technologies such as electronic chips and PIN is relatively new in some parts of the world, such as the United States, the lack of people in those areas to a sufficient awareness of the danger of cloning of credit cards and misuse them, as in Brazil, the malicious software advanced eyes of the wrong application of the security standards in the banking sector, highlighting the importance of developing safe standards and future for defense”.

Prices require to target payment cards with electronic chips and numbers Personal Identification

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