Prison two years and 8 months to the hacker to cut the internet for whole state!

A court in London on Hacker British jailed him for two years and eight months, and after that was approved last year by attacking the company’s network connections in Liberia, which led to the cut of internet for the entire state.

And the hacker Daniel Kay with a senior official in the telecommunications company “silk” in Liberia, through a third party, on the implementation of electronic attack to disable the mobile phone systems in the company “less” competition, compared to 30 thousand dollars.

Started Kai, 30-year-old, in waging cyber-attacks on the “net”, between October 2016 and February 2017, damaging the large cost of repairs worth $ 600 thousand dollars.

The impact of cyber-attack forces on the network infrastructure, resulting in interruption of internet service for network users “net”, and the attack was strong to a degree also affected the users outside the company.

It was Kai resident in Cyprus when he carried out cyber-attack, delivered by the authorities there to Germany, which carried out investigations with him before to extradite him to Britain.

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