Problem in game Fortnite may lead to a breach the accounts of the players

Monitoring some researchers safe a problem at the site of the game Fortnite the accounts of the users of the game to risk the hack, which has been processed recently from the game developers Epic Games.

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Back the beginning of the security problem on the website of the game Fortnite to the statistics page in the game for 2004, which is monitored through the researchers of the company Check Point where he pointed the researchers to the problem of security at the site of Epic may lead to hacking user accounts.

I have revealed to researchers the security company in November of last year the possibility of listening to the talks of the members of the game Fortnite through this cell, besides the possibility to use the details of credit card users to buy V-Bucks in the game.

On the other hand the company submitted Epic quick treatment for this problem where the transaction has been canceled, which make up this cell in the game, after that proved to researchers Check Points access to user accounts without the need to register a password initially, which refers to the possibility of influenced by the accounts of some users of the game for this security bug already.


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