Problems the Apple TV has doubled due to the trade war

May multiply the problems of Apple with the iPhone because of the trade war, as it warned analysts that a new set of tariffs America there may be another blow to an iPhone and watch Apple TV.

The president announced Donald Trump that the United States plans to impose the tariff a new rate of 10 percent on $ 300 million of goods imported from China starting next month.

Targets of new tariffs in most of its consumer goods, including the iPhone, unlike the tariffs the U.S. imposed during the past year of industrial parts and products in China.

Expect many technology analysts and trade to raise Apple prices in case of entry into force of the new tariff, which means that the prices of the iPhone may rise by about 10 percent, which will lead to lower demand by 20 percent.

The impact of the threat on Apple, which dropped its shares lost during the hours $ 42 million from its market value after the tweet Trump.

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And to Apple as well as the special aid for trade, in view of the correlation operations are manufactured in China and the prospect to lead the new tariff to the high prices of the iPhone at the time of decreasing demand.

What remains uncertain whether any of the Apple products would fall under the tariff, and informed company in the month of June United States Trade Representative to the list of the proposed tariff will cover the main products, including iPhone, iPad, computers, Mac and smart and other products.

The company said: the tariffs of the Chinese imports will be competitive, however, the administration refused to Trump last month asked Apple TV get relief the parts of her computer cutting-edge Mac Pro (Mac Pro) the Chinese industry.

This damage at a critical time for Apple, which announced several days ago that the proceeds of the iPhone accounted for less than half of its revenues, it is the first time that happened seven years ago.

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