Problems with the screen not only has the iPhone X

Problems with the screen, as it turned out, not only occur in modern smartphone from Apple. Not deprived of their and Samsung: so, a few days ago in a Network there was a lot of messages from the owners of smartphones Galaxy S9, who complain that the display of the device sometimes does not respond to touch.

As noted by the participants of the discussion on Reddit, the problem is not confined to Galaxy S9, but S9 and Galaxy+. The corresponding topic on the forum managed to gain a few pages before it said Samsung officials. According to them, the problem really is, and it can be solved free of charge in the service center.

The emergence of “dead zones” on the screen of the smartphone — in this case, the user cannot interact with the device as it reacts to pressing “over time.” A similar situation was observed with X iPhone: however, the smartphone does not react on pressing only with a long stay in the cold. Apple could solve the problem with iOS updates.

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